As per reports, over the five years to 2022, the Ontario roofing industry is anticipated to increase at an annualized rate of $5.62 billion.

But what is the reason for this boom?

Well, roofs frequently require repairs as they typically begin to leak as the years go by.


How to spot signs of roof leaking before a professional inspection?

You might observe a minor drip from the ceiling, a damp wall/s with blistering paint or a wall crack. These are signs of unwanted water ingress that may have caused significant damage to your property.

It would be best to act fast to stop the spread of damage.

Check for these symptoms, which are often signs of a roof leak.


A leaking roof calls for immediate action

Nobody wants a leaky roof, regardless of how big or small their property is. Here are specific reasons why roofs leak:

  • Roofers frequently use tar to keep the flashing together, which might deteriorate over time. If your flashing is exposed, weather conditions like wind and rain may cause it to shatter, gradually leading to a leak.
  • Another reason is broken shingles. Given that shingles make up the roof’s outermost layer, you should be able to spot missing shingles on your roof by looking for coloured patches. Also, during a severe storm, you can discover shingles scattered over your yard.

Call (289) 552-6774 for Shingle roof repair as soon as possible if you find some in your yard to prevent a significant loss to property.


How does roof repair prevent the hefty expense of a roof replacement?

Maintaining shingles in good condition prevents costly expenditures for roof repairs. Your first layer of protection is your shingles; if they are damaged, erosion occurs quickly & silently, and damage issues mount.

Ice dam buildup is another reason for roofing damage. Ontario often experiences snow, which is a common reason for roof leaks. Despite the frigid temperatures outside, some of the snowfall melts because of the above-freezing heat from your attic. The water then travels between the roof’s surface and the snow before hitting its outside edge, where it refreezes into ice.

Although the primary purpose of gutters is to direct water away from your property, when they become blocked, the residual moisture from the stagnant water can rot and eventually cause a roof leak.

Roof leaks can emerge considerably more quickly if you live in a location with a lot of rainfall because water builds up, settles against your roof, and finds its way underneath the shingles, damaging the underlying elements.

The ridge cap closes the opening where the two slopes meet at the apex of a roof. Employing rope and harness arrangements without shielding the ridge cap puts the roofing material at risk of developing holes that let rainwater through. Therefore, it is always recommended to get your roof repaired by roofing companies.

Your attic is located between your house’s indoor, climate-controlled, and outdoor air. The clash of temperatures can lead to condensation in your attic given that the temperature inside your house is hotter or colder than the air outside. Condensation is typically prevented by good ventilation in your attic. Unfortunately, inadequate attic ventilation is often neglected while building homes. Additionally, if too much air leaks from your house into your attic, the ventilation may not be able to keep up. Thus, condensation can be another cause of roof leaks.

One must closely check their roofs to nip the evil in the bud. However, leaks are notoriously challenging to find. The best way to locate a leak’s source and fix it is to hire a skilled specialist.

So, why not avail roof leak repair services that are easily accessible?


Benefits of hiring an expert roofing company for roof repair

Roofing companies have a lot of experience working on various roofing projects. Their primary objective is to guarantee that your roof will be secure and undamaged for a very long time after completion of the service.

These are the benefits of hiring expert roof repairers:


1) Right techniques and resources for repairing your roof

The company’s expert roof repairers will flawlessly complete this operation using the proper techniques and materials.


2) Tension-free roof repairing

Accidents involving roof repairs happen frequently. Because of this, reputable roof repair companies spend money on safety equipment to protect their roofers. This ensures that the work is conducted without involving loss or damage to life.


3) Best roofing materials

Best-in-class roofing materials ensure your roof repair lasts longer. Expert roofers have access to high-quality supplies at wholesale prices. They know which supplies are the best quality-wise and suitable for a particular roof.


4) Can detect additional hidden roof damage

Even if you are aware of the symptoms of a termite infestation, you might not be able to determine whether they are still present. A skilled roofer on site can detect additional damage/s that is hidden for the time being. They might also pick up on developing issues that have gone overlooked entirely.



The benefits of hiring roofing companies to fix roof leaks are evident. If you’re based in areas around Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Stouffville, and Bradford, get in touch with Principal Roofing at (289) 552-6774 to get a thorough inspection done for your roof leakage or wear and tear.

Years of experience as roofers have made us experts and renowned in this market.

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